Information about Women Tournaments on October 6 and October 13

The following five (5) players are cut one (1) stroke each for the October 6 and the Golfer of the Year tournament on Oct 13th: Aine Brazil, Bernadette Crowley,  Mary Fleming,  Nan McMorrow and  Mary Molyneaux.  

In addition, the following  eight (8) players are eligible for the October 13 Golfer of the Year playoff: Aine Brazil, Bernadette Crowley, Eileen Durnin, Mary Fleming, Mary Gleeson, Nan McMorrow, Mary Molyneaux and Miriam Murphy.  

Alternates are: Patty Perry, Ann Marie Donohue, and Frances Costigan. 

Questions should be directed to Aine Brazil or Julia Hegarty


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