Wednesday Member Tee Times

Starting this week, the pairings for the Wednesday morning Member’s Time Block will be posted on the Links Golfing Society website ( under the Wednesday Member Times tab on Monday afternoon.  Any times left blank have not been reserved by a member and are available to be sold to the public.  Please note, these are the actual tee time assignments NOT a Wednesday sign up; John Marren will no longer be taking names as members arrive and making the pairings.  The $5 he previously collected should now be put into Members Tournament box beneath the Handicap Computer in the Pro-Shop – envelopes are provided.  The process is being streamlined to reduce the potential for scheduling confusion and the amount of work John Marren has been doing to collect money and organize tee times.  John will continue to do the scoring and announce the winners in the Pub after play has concluded.

REMINDER: Wednesday tee times from 9:33 to 11:12 are reserved for members until close of business on Sunday.  On Monday morning, any open times in the member block are released and sold to the public.  On Wednesday, any tee times sold to the public will be honored; members who have not reserved a time in advance will be treated as walk-ons and given the next available tee time.  Members deciding to play on Wednesday morning AFTER the pairings have been posted are encouraged to call the Pro-Shop as soon as possible to determine tee-time availability.  PLEASE make your Wednesday times in advance to avoid any unnecessary delays or issues.

Wednesday participants have the option of scheduling their own fourball OR signing up to have their fourballs determined by random draw.  Both Sign Up sheets are available at the Pro Shop.

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