IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Wednesday Tee Times; Intercounty Tournament and Pace of Play

We have been having some difficulty regarding the Wednesday morning member times.  Wednesday tee times from 9:33 to 11:12 are reserved for members until close of business on Sunday.  On Monday morning, any open times in the member block are released and sold to the public.  On Wednesday, those times sold to the public will be honored; members who have not reserved a time in advance will be treated as walk-ons and given the next available tee time.  PLEASE make your Wednesday times in advance to avoid any unnecessary delays or issues.

This coming Wednesday is the Fourth of July.  Play beings at play at 7:00AM, weekend rates are in effect.  The member block will be consistent with our weekend practice – from 10:00AM to 11:30AM.  Those times will be held until close of business on Sunday, any unused times will be released to the public starting Monday morning.  We anticipate those times selling quickly, so please make your Wednesday, July 4 tee time reservations before end of day Sunday.  The Pro Shop will be unable to “squeeze” any extra groups in.  Players arriving without a tee time will have to wait and play at the first available open tee time.

All intercounty team captains should have received the paperwork to put a team together and submit it back to the Pro Shop.  The tournament is July 15th and the date will be here very quickly.  Please organize your team and send the completed paperwork along with payment as expeditiously as possible.  Please contact our Head Golf Professional, Pat Sullivan with any questions at (845) 223-1000

There have been a number of issues regarding pace of play in recent weeks.  As everyone knows, the policy is to keep up with the group in front of you, and a 4 hour and 15 minute round is our goal.  As members, it is our responsibility to set the example and make sure our groups are in position.  Rangers have been instructed to manage the course without distinction between members and public.  If a group is slow, our rangers have been instructed to stay with the slow group until they have gotten back in position.

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